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What are the advantages of white cardboard as packaging
What are the advantages of white cardboard as packaging
With the rapid development of social economy, modern people begin to pay attention to internal quality and external packaging when purchasing goods. Although the quality of the goods has little to do with the outer packaging, the quality of goods with better packaging will not be too bad. Therefore, under the influence of this background, many businessmen began to choose white cardboard as the main material for commodity packaging, so what are the advantages of white cardboard as packaging?
First, super high firmness and smoothness
Looking at the entire packaging market, it can be found that the texture of the outer packaging boxes of most commodities is relatively firm and smooth, and the texture is very good to the touch. The requirements for the outer packaging of the product also need to be wear-resistant, waterproof, and anti-collision. White cardboard uses imported wood pulp as raw materials. If white cardboard is processed into commodity packaging boxes, it can fully meet the packaging requirements of merchants.
Second, it can match various printing colors and materials
Before the advent of white cardboard, most businesses could only use traditional paper products to print product packaging, and some even used plastic products as product packaging. Regardless of some limitations of the two in other aspects, it will be affected by many factors in terms of design and color printing. But the use of white cardboard will avoid the existence of this problem. The advantage of white cardboard is that it can blend well with various pigments and colors.
The above is the specific content introduced by the editor of China Paper Network. It is no accident that white cardboard can be loved by the majority of merchants and users. It is precisely because of the various advantages of white cardboard that it can stand in the highly competitive paper market. Stand firm and invincible.