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Eco-friendly packaging
Environmentally friendly packaging
As the international calls for protecting the environment, caring for the earth, and saving resources are getting higher and higher, the requirements for product packaging in the international market are becoming more and more stringent. Harmless, pollution-free, and recyclable environmentally friendly packaging plays a pivotal role in commodity export trade. The basis for identifying environmentally friendly packaging is iso14000, and all countries use this as a standard to promote environmentally friendly packaging models. The iso14000 series expressly stipulates that all international trade products (packaging) must undergo environmental certification and ecological assessment (lca), and use environmental labels. Since 1999, iso has implemented the green "environmental label", pushing the green revolution of product packaging to a new level, which has a great role in promoting Chinese exporters. To this end, relevant experts suggest that export enterprises should start from the following aspects when implementing environmentally friendly packaging:
Packaging Materials
Environmentally friendly packaging materials generally include reusable and renewable packaging materials, edible packaging materials, degradable materials and natural paper materials. Environmentally friendly packaging is reflected in the saving of materials, the least waste and energy saving, easy recycling and reuse, and no secondary pollution caused by packaging waste. Therefore, the selection of environmentally friendly packaging materials should comply with the basic principles of harmlessness, pollution-free, and recyclable utilization. Although pure natural environmental protection packaging materials are non-polluting, they have high commercial costs and are a serious waste of earth resources. Composite environmental protection materials will become the mainstream of environmental protection packaging in the future because of their low cost, no pollution, and easy recycling.
Since the European Union, the United States, Canada and other countries restrict the use of wood packaging for Chinese exports to enter the country's market, the development of alternative wood packaging materials is becoming more and more urgent, which also drives the research and development and production of alternative wood packaging materials in China's packaging industry.
technical packaging
Environmentally friendly packaging involves a wide range of aspects, and packaging materials are the foundation. Environmentally friendly packaging technology and equipment also determine the "gold content" of environmentally friendly packaging. Environmentally friendly packaging equipment is a high-tech, high-intelligence, and highly competitive product integrating electromechanical, optoelectronic, and bionic. Its development speed is fast and its update speed is also fast. With the widespread adoption of new composite packaging materials, the requirements for packaging equipment and processes are also stricter.
Most of the environmentally friendly packaging adopts fully automatic intelligent and digital packaging equipment. High-speed film-making and bag-making equipment, high-tech packaging equipment such as ultra-large hollow container molding equipment with a volume of more than 1000 liters, and energy-saving and comprehensive utilization equipment are widely used. In addition, the recycling equipment and secondary processing equipment for waste raw materials also meet the requirements of environmental protection and regeneration. The use of iso14000 environmental standards and the world trend of protecting the environment and maintaining ecological balance have also become the driving force for the development of environmentally friendly packaging equipment (machinery).
service organization
The international market has different requirements for environmental protection, and countries have different requirements for different commodity packaging. Export enterprises should choose professional packaging service agencies. These agencies have long been engaged in the packaging business of export products and have a comprehensive understanding of the packaging requirements of the international market. When selecting an environmentally friendly packaging organization, attention should be paid to whether the printing and packaging level of the organization is close to that of the same industry in the world, and whether the materials selected meet the requirements and regulations of relevant international agencies and organizations. In principle, the exporter should go through four steps of market research, market positioning (selecting a packer), professional evaluation, and quality control to determine the choice of a professional packaging service agency.
Packaging application
According to statistics, about 90% of goods need to be packaged in different degrees and types. Packaging has become an indispensable and important link in the production and circulation of goods. Hundreds of millions of packaging products are consumed every year. Therefore, promoting the environmental protection revolution of packaging has become an environmental protection an important mission of the world.
Switzerland has always been at the forefront of the world in the field of green packaging. It is worth mentioning the story of the Swiss Legend Group in terms of packaging concept and packaging design.
All outer packaging is made of environmentally friendly cardboard. The raw materials used for papermaking do not cut down a single tree. Most of them come from the remaining natural flowers and plant fibers left over from the production of organic skin care products. The material consumption is less, which is about 1/3 of the traditional packaging method. The material is decomposable in nature and does not pollute the environment. It not only conforms to the environmental protection concept of recycling, but also symbolizes the living environment that comes from nature and moves towards nature; all outer packaging does not use a drop of glue or any adhesive, it is all paper and paper The interactive force supports the shape, not only does not pollute the environment, but also symbolizes the meaning of concerted efforts, solidarity and mutual support to protect the earth, and also symbolizes creation and forge ahead; no chemical ink is used on the outer wrapping paper, which is simple and elegant, symbolizing Swiss academics The industry's consistent low-key and rigorous style. In addition, the additional costs of packaging are small, such as labor, transportation, and carbon emissions.