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Lipstick Packaging

Before the 1930s, the use of metal and wood materials in lipstick products was common. At that time, plastics were just emerging, mainly based on thermosetting resins and cellulose acetate. Thermoplastic is in the early stage of research and application. Aluminum, copper and zinc alloys were the main materials for lipstick production at that time. There are also glass, diamonds and so on, also played a decorative role. Ceramics are also used for lipsticks. Considering the price, many of the materials used at the beginning of the last century can only be seen in high-end cosmetics. At that time, lipstick was not something that ordinary people could afford.
In terms of modeling, the metal can actually make some interesting shapes. It is suspected that most of its shapes are handmade. Lipsticks in the last century are mostly very chic, perfectly reflecting the beauty of harmony between classical and modern transition.
In decoration, most lipstick packages use metal forging, carving and etching processes, as well as paint, diamond, glass and fabric inlays, and paper labels. The appearance is very beautiful, people can't help but marvel at the beauty of the product.
From the perspective of the structure and mechanical principle of lipstick packaging, lipstick is basically the structure of beads and beads. At the beginning of the century, the structure of the putter has been widely used.
After appreciating the lipstick packaging in the last century, we feel that the pursuit of beauty is endless, and the pursuit of product design is endless. When we look back on history and review history, we can see the progress of world science and technology, elegant continuation and continuous progress. A century later, these products are still powerful.
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