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Cosmetics Packaging Design is Systematic Process

    The decoration of the vessel surface usually has two ways: texture and pattern. Texture usually covers the whole surface of the container. Texture can also be composed of words, which not only decorate the product itself, but also strengthen the brand. Patterns will selectively appear in the local container, which pay more attention to the composition effect. There are many manifestations of patterns, which can be rich in formal aesthetic lines, which are usually gentle, and having the emergence of text. Patterns can also be graffiti with personality and fashion. Patterns can also be in the form of color blocks. The shape of color blocks can be regular or arbitrary, which is closely related to the quality of products expressed.

    cosmetic packaging design is an orderly and systematic process. The clear positioning of the brand and the demand of the brand concept should be the design premise that designers should grasp first. When designing cosmetic packaging in depth, we should fully consider and refine the container's shape, color, surface decoration and bottle stickers so as to achieve the perfect packaging design.
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